Domaine de Bois-Bougy
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The mansion.

Our wine.

Place to linger.

Fruit and vegetables from the field.

Fresh milk.

Eggs from free-range chickens.

Wonderful surroundings.

Domaine de Bois-Bougy

Domaine de Bois-Bougy was built in the 16th and 17th century. In 1925 the estate was purchased by Johann Baumgartner, the great-grandfather of Samuel Baumgartner, the current owner who in 2005 bought the farm and grounds and became the fourth generation owner. Since then many changes have been implemented, such as open areas for the dairy cows, the rooms for the Bed & Breakfast in the mansion, the construction of a rental appartment and building of a horse barn.


Every year we train two apprentices in farming and agriculture. Many others lend a helping hand in keeping the farm, dairy production and the bed & breakfast running.


On our property of more than 50 hectares (125 acres) we grow the following products:


  • Vegetables
  • Grapes (Chasselas, Merlot, Muscat and Doral)
  • Sugar beets
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Rape seed
  • Flowers for picking


We are proud to keep our lifestock according to oeLN guidelines. Our dairy cows live in a barn of approximately 350 m2 (ca. 4000 square feet) and spend the day free on a pasture.


Also our chickens have a sufficient outlet and a safe coop, where they spend the night.

Samuel Baumgartner

Samuel has a Swiss diploma in agriculture with a degree in fruiticulture and viticulture. After growing up on a farm near Nyon he went to Bern as an apprentice. Later he was employed by Syngenta and while there worked in the orchard and vinyard.


Barbara Bernegger Baumgartner

Barbara has a Swiss diploma as a florist. Originally from Sax (St. Gallen) in the eastern part of Switzerland, she made her way to the french speaking region in 1994. Here she worked for 13 years at the garden center Schilliger in Gland before becoming proprietor of Bois-Bougy.


Their children: Laura (2002), Mylène (2004), Yoann (2006), Carine (2009)


Video portrait of family Baumgartner from Nyon | Swissmilk (2019)

An autumn day in Bois-Bougy | Michael Philipp (2014)